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Begin by utilizing your passion and expertise about your Real Estate CE Topics, and then utilize our Rubrics tool to make a promising Course.

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We will make sure your topic will align with TREC’s requirements for CE.

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Upon completing your first course, gain immediate access to our marketing tool for compliant classroom or online flyer creation and your audience will have access to your custom landing page. 

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You will also benefit from our Social Media promotions that attract traffic to your courses.

We will provide you with your own online landing page, scheduling and payment systems, too!

Your course will also be discoverable in our marketplace too, enabling you to more earn revenue.


Michelle has successful experience: As a prior loan officer, former analyst, leasing agent, and certified mineral manager - and Michelle candidly has been the single greatest advocate propelling David to launch TREA.  as a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker, Michelle has a keen and insightful

Michelle Stuart


David is an Educator who is an advocate for the success of his clients.  David loves learning, sales, and success. David is an economist and teaches the importance of Real Estate agent in the marketplace. David attributes TREA's success to overcome being in the wrong place at the right time.

David Offutt


Amanda provided marketing services within the financial services and telecom industries. To navigate the complex decisions involved in today's real estate market requires the guidance of a professional. Amanda's focus is on dedicated and passionate about providing quality service and emphasizes a timely, reliable performance.

Amanda Thomas

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