What if I only have a couple class ideas? / Limited Class Ideas? No Problem! That’s what we are here for.


We built this program for exactly this reason reason, and it's pretty awesome!

Writing great content, that teaches well, with timing and taught well, with timing and then making sure it fit the State's requirements was a DAUNTING task. And then to create enoght content that learners dont have to to elsewhers...

Blood, sweat and Tears were applied heavily... So we decided to build YOU what we wish existed when we started.

So, Don't worry if you don't have 18 hours worth of classes. Lets write what you really love to teach and we will make sure you can learn our classes as well.

Now you can walk in to the marketplace with all the classes you need to teach for the year!

Your audience will see you as the prolific expert they need.

know how to teach our classes yet because we'll teach you everything you need to know. But here's the really cool part: every time someone buys a class, even if it's one of ours, you get paid! So no need to bring a bunch of donuts to impress anyone.

We're dropping Continuing Education, Son!