Pitbulls, Pools, Loose Lips, & A Bag o Cash! RE Risks Revealed!

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“Pitbulls, Pools, Loose Lips, & a Bag o’ Cash: RE Risks Revealed!” provides an insightful look into nuanced risks that real estate professionals may face. This includes liability concerns with certain property features and pets, as well as the challenges of handling high-value items and avoiding slander. The course is designed to equip attendees with knowledge and strategies to effectively manage these risks, ensuring they are prepared to protect their interests and those of their clients in the ever-evolving real estate market.

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Legacy Estates: The Hazards Of Insuring Heirlooms

Legacy Estates: The hazards of Insuring Heirlooms! Featured image

This 1-hour course is written to equip real estate professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to advise new homeowners on insuring personal belongings effectively. Covering everything from basic coverage types to the intricacies of insuring high-value items, this course addresses relevant issues in the real estate market and enhances the skill and competence of license holders, through a combination of content, case studies, and interactive sessions, learners navigate insurance policies, assess the value of personal effects, and develop custom insurance “smarts” for clients, ensuring they are well-prepared to protect their legacy estates.

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Realtors Uninsured: Almost all Realtors® Drive Uninsured Daily!

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“Realtors Uninsured” expert classroom course, highlighting key insurance coverage and liability essentials, including the critical ‘Additional Insured’ clause. Designed for real estate professionals, it offers strategic knowledge to navigate insurance complexities, ensuring protection against potential liabilities. Enroll for practical strategies, insights, and significant savings, empowering your real estate career with the right insurance understanding.

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