How it works.


When you want to become an instructor at the Texas Real Estate Academy, we've got all the things to help you out. First, we'll help you plan your classes. Don't worry about organizing your stuff because we have someone who will make sure your content is top-notch. They'll work with you to make your classes interesting and even help you create quizzes and interactive activities. Plus, we'll make sure your courses follow all the rules, and we'll handle the boring paperwork.

We'll take care of posting your hours for you, so you don't have to worry about it. And if you need help with how you present your lessons, we've got your back on that too!

Here's the cool part: whether you want to teach in a real classroom, on Zoom, or even online, we can help you with that.  Teach all your classes on Zoom and never wear pants again! (Don't you Dare!).. How awesome is that?

Now, once you've made your amazing course, you have choices. You can put it online and we'll sell it for you on your own webpage. Or if you want to teach in a classroom, we have cool marketing materials ready for you. We'll handle all the scheduling and post your credits for Continuing Education (CE) too.

No more sign-in sheets on paper! We've made it paperless, so you can focus on teaching and meeting the educational needs of your new favorite partners. We'll take care of posting the credits and give you a completion report. It's super easy!