Unlocking Marketing Success: / What are Instructors buying?

Let's face it.  A lot of instructors, teach so they can get in front of an audience.  Sometimes that's a good deal sometimes it's not.  And when it's not a good deal it's because you only got 3 minutes and you paid $800 to get in front of a group and they're wolfing down your lunch as they try like crazy to ignore everything you're saying anyway your expertise is lost by the fact that they're trying to get their lunch so they can go back to their session.

And yeah the event or the venue or whoever is scheduling the event they might send you a contact list.  It might only have email addresses but the reality is the license holders in that room forgot about you days ago.

Here's a better scenario you show up and you talk about exactly the thing that you know better than anybody in the room.  And you teach him stuff that they never thought they understood that they always thought they knew.  And you become the expert in the room

What's the definition of an expert.  The person who knows one more about the topic.

Hey we we love teaching that's all we do, and now we're bringing our ability to build right curate organize and sell content to you.  That's right our expertise is building content writing content and making sure this content passes the rigors that is trec.

Oh and by the way our expertise becomes yours.

  • Low cost marketing.
  • Get paid to get in front of license holders .
  • Position as an expert
  • Credibility instead for buying time
  • Quit buying leads and build credibility
  • Stop sponsoring events that don’t work
  • A way to share stories, inspire audiences, sell products.
  • Educate people on a specific topic, campaign and begin movements
  • They pay you to teach instead of you paying them the ignore you.
  • You will bring value instead of swag or drinks.
  • Forget paying $800 for 3 minutes.
  • Yes you will be your own sponsor.